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"How to be an (almost) natural blonde"

by Harold Egan


         Not everyone was born with lustrous long blonde locks nor does the baby blonde, some of us were fortunate enough to be born with, stay for the long term. This is when we turn to and trust the knowledgeable professionals in salons across the country to carefully create the locks we desire.

         Being blonde, whether you are strutting down the polished city streets of the "Big Apple" or, for that matter, anywhere else in America where you can get your strut on, is very high currency. Who else catches our eye quite as well as a blonde tossling her seemingly "sun-kissed" hair?

        Going to a color specialist affords you the opportunity to have a honed artistic eye negotiating each strand of your beautiful hair. We are trained to identify the shade of blonde that will best compliment your complexion, bringing out your eyes, smile and making your skin glow. We all know how horrific a bad color job can be against our skin tone and maybe even our lifestyle. Every blonde has an idea of what blonde means to them, how it effects them and how people look at them. Being your perfect blonde means being your best self.

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